We were sure that this lockdown will be fully over soon. But now it looks like this will go few months longer, specially for all full contact sports like acro. That means at the moment we are not able to do weekend workshops and other bigger events. To fight that, we want to offer online private clasess. We feel that we can not do online acro class for bigger groups BUT we tried private coaching and it works well. Specialy in case of refining your acro skils or learning some specific moves.

Our standard rate was 2,5h privat class for 60€ for couple and 40€ single person. Becouse a lot of people(like us) is now without income we think its fair to offer discount. In case that even that is too much we are happy to still share knowledge with you.

HOW: We have good experience and are available on Whatsup, FB messenger, Google(Meet,Duo,…). We are also able to adapt to other platforms if needed. In any case we need to have video call with good enough internet conection.

WHAT: We are happy to help any level with any skill. We are known for crazy washmashines but we also love F2Hs, H2Hs and whips. We have hours of exercises and conditioning to help you reach your goal.

WHEN: We live in Slovenia so we wish to keep available slots EVERY DAY between 8 in the morning(08:00) and 10 in the evening(22:00) EU time. But lots of people live in different time zone so we are easy to adapt outside of that, specially if you book more hours or you want to give us a tip. 🙂

HOW MUCH: Buy only 1 hour and its 20€. Buy 2h or more and its 15€/h. Feel free to buy even more in advance and spend them when you want. In case money is a problem please contact us and we will find a way.

HOW TO APPLY: Fastest way is Whatsup, sms or direct call to +38640163503 or FB messenger to Ales. Feel free to use this contacts also if you have any additional questions.

So you decided to try us, what now?

Click button bellow, paypal us picked amount and tell us when to be ready